Quality, working safety and environmental protection

Our company disposes of a certified, integrated management system for quality, environmental protection and work safety.
The integrated management system is based on the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008, the ISO 14001:2004, the
ISO 45001:2018 and the regulations of national regulatory sets of rules and regulations to be applied. The integrated management system is the basis for the constant improvement of the quality of our processes, the satisfaction and safety of our employees and customers as well as the sustainability of our environmental protection.

The system ensures that all actions, which affect the product quality, environment and working safety are planned, directed and supervised, and that customer requirements will be considered and fulfilled.

In order to do so, we have embed specific operational principles in our company politics valid for all employees.

Our most important goal is to fulfill our customers’ demands on our products and performances concerning the quality, safety and environmental requirements to their greatest satisfaction and to offer a safe working environment for our employees.

We will achieve that by our very high internal quality standards on the one hand and through comprehensive activities in the field of working security and environmental protection exceeding the mere compliance of the legal requirements on the other hand.

At the same time, we also motivate our suppliers and service providers to achieve a high level in the field of quality, working security and environmental protection and we ensure the compliance of the quality, environmental and safety standards by regular controls.

We strive for an open communication with our customers, employees, authorities and the public and encourage the targeted cooperation.

We want to create clear competitive advantages for our customers and for us by being a reliable partner in the field of quality as well as environmental protection and the working security.

Company philosophy


ELATEC POWER DISTRIBUTION GmbH strives for managing a sound company and pursues the following goals:


  • Customer satisfaction

Our highest priority is to achieve a maximum customer satisfaction.

While doing so, ELATEC always tries to achieve a fair cooperation and thus an open dialog with the customers and to fulfil at best the regulations for quality, environmental protection and working protection.

Apart from the tasks within the respective projects, our company will always be ready to provide advice to the customer.


  • Products

Good products are the basis for satisfied customers and a successful future of the company. For this reason, we watch our customers’ requirements carefully and analyze existing and potential sales markets permanently concerning the demands on our products. The product development is made on the basis of the customers’ and markets requirements. Apart from economic aspects, we put special importance on the product security as well as the environmental compatibility.

We take up the issue of necessary new and further developments and will create practice-based products due to those developments.

The products will be type-tested according to national and international regulations.



  • Staff

For the company management, the staff and the team spirit have highest priority.

Only with the aid of motivated and competent employees, we can implement the high company objectives.

The company commits itself to always provide enough and qualified employees for the different departments such as engineering, sales, administration, development, production, installation, commissioning and quality control.

In order to fulfil this requirements, we have launched a comprehensive job training program and ensure the continuous training of our employees by internal and external training courses and seminars.


  • Company future

We strive for a continuous and sustainable advancement of our company.

Hereby, we would like to be a market leader in terms of product development and innovation and thus clearly differentiate from our large market companions.

Through an intensive market and customer orientation, we will be in a position to further establish ourselves and to perform successfully in the market for electrical power generation and distribution.

Company policy and guidelines


Our company policy


The customer requirements are paramount

We help our customers to be successful and make sure that all our services fully respond to their expectations.


Our employees are our greatest potential

Hereby, everyone is responsible for quality, environment and safety on the working place. Motivated, qualified and – if possible – autonomously acting employees are the basis of our actions.

We commit ourselves to a continuous improvement in the fields of quality, environment, job safety and health protection and avoid environmental strains, injuries and diseases.

It is only natural to us to comply with the legally valid obligations and other requirements referring to job safety risks or environmental aspects.

In accordance with the company policy and the guidelines, we define our company goals whose variance analyses is regularly evaluated.

Our company policy is a binding liability for all managers and employees. It will be regularly verified concerning its adequacy, adjusted and published.


Our guidelines

  • High customer satisfaction
  • High level of innovation
  • Product development considering safety and environmental aspects
  • Economic and effective production
  • Increase of the product quality, minimizing the number of complaints
  • Short delivery periods and high reliability
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable production
  • Reduction of scrap, prevention of waste
  • Qualification and motivation of the employees
  • Provision of modern and safe working places and work equipment.