In the field of electrical and simulation engineering, our experienced employees can support your specialists and take the pressure off them in a variety of ways:

Network planning and upgrading

In addition to standard tasks such as short-circuit and load flow calculation, our network planning also covers aspects such as network optimisation, protection concepts, energy efficiency, comparison of technical/economic variants and conformity (interfering consumers and consumers sensitive to such interference must all be supplied by one electrical network).

Network and process simulations

How will a system behave at a future electrical connection point? Will the compensation device in the electrical network achieve the desired improvement in voltage quality? This and more can be answered using real-time simulations before any actual investment is made.

Real-time simulations allow for switching states in the supply network and changes to the load demand/interference emissions of electrical consumers.

It is especially worth connecting/integrating analogue technology using A/D or D/A converters in the simulation model. This enables different applications.

  • Operation of analogue controllers/downscaled power electronic systems on the digital electrical network: product development, optimisation and testing, even with switching states or network conditions which in practice only occur in the event of unwanted emergencies
  • Operation of analogue protection technology on the digital electrical network: determination and evaluation of the protective effects of electrical processes generated by electrical loads and/or switching state changes
  • Operation of analogue measurement technology on the digital electrical network: measurement and recording of all electrical values of simulations/tests with conventional technology and thus simple and standardised evaluation of the results

Our portfolio of network and process simulations also includes load flow and short-circuit current calculation as a basis for optimising electrical networks.

Metrological grid survey

The actual state of the load on the electrical grid must be recorded and evaluated first before deciding whether to invest in grid expansion or conversion. We measure not only the load flow, but also possible interference emitters and sinks.

Based on the measurement results, we can also determine the electrical states for switching states for which no measurements were made. If desired, we can develop technical solutions for improving your electrical network as part of our “Network planning and upgrading” service as well.

Fault analysis

Before starting fault analysis, we not only analyse the fault pattern, but also the technological process in order to determine the cause using our special measuring technology. Our service includes the identification of causes and also the development of technical solutions. Our findings are documented in a technical report and explained in a presentation. Subsequently, we can also plan and implement any technical measures required.


When dimensioning equipment and/or electrical elements (e.g. motor compensation, passive compensation systems, etc.), the basic data required for their functionality is determined using simulation models. The electrical load on the elements is then calculated. Our findings are documented in a technical report and explained in a presentation. Subsequently, we can also plan and implement any technical measures required.


We offer comprehensive consulting services, from technical consulting, preparation of feasibility studies and basic engineering through to concrete design, construction and commissioning of technical solutions.