As an innovative manufacturer of air-insulated Medium Voltage Switchgears, we have many years of experience in the development and planning of switchgear systems. We will work out precisely fitting solution concepts in the field of energy supply in cooperative partnership.



Our scope of service comprises preplanning, implementation planning, determination of protection parameters, selectivity studies, date coordination and overall project management as well as the commissioning of the individual subsections.


We also offer new developments and type tests of air-insulated switchgears as part of our services. At the development and production of our switchgears, we use the most modern 3D-CAD software, which supports our engineers, starting from the simulation up to automated data transfer into our ERP system.


With our experienced team consisting of engineers, merchants and logistics specialists, we can provide you with complex electro-technical overall solutions for the electricity generation and distribution. Here, we apply ELATEC switchgears and products of notable partners.