Today, complex grid protection and control systems can no longer be separated by modern switchgears. We offer you to our switchgears a complete range of services from our planning, to commissioning in the area of ​​protection and control technology. Our services include:



  • Protection device parameterization of different manufacturers
  • Verification of the protection settings using the most modern test systems (primary & secondary)


Control system:

  • Communication in the horizontal plane (protective devices of the switchgear) and in the vertical plane (protective devices of different systems)
  • Sending and receiving messages and commands
  • Visualization of signals, position indications, measured values, alarms using Siemens SCC (Sicam)
  • Graphical monitoring of the supply network
  • Customized representations and operations
  • Communication via all common protocols and interfaces such as Ethernet, Profibus, Profinet, IEC protocols
  • Signal check and commissioning of the entire system
  • Customer training