Engineering processes with electrical devices take up reactive power from the net in addition to the usable effective power. The transport of this reactive power is not effective, this causes additional losses in cables and transformers. Our compensation systems reduce your costs through the reduction of the transmission losses. The reactive current requirement is not charged additionally by your power supply company.

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Motor compensation

Motors create inductive idle currents, which strain the lines and networks. Depending on the idle performance, this will lead to costs, which are avoidable. We offer you individual solutions in the planning and supply of the motor compensation.

Filter circuit systems

Through the enormously increased number of inductive network users as well as operating materials, which cause harmonic, such as frequency converters and power convertors, there are increasingly higher interference levels. Filter circuit systems serve for reducing these interference levels. Normally, filter circuit systems (also called absorption circuits) are installed on the 5th, 7th, 11th and 13th harmonic.


        Your advantages

  • Minimizing of the network strain by harmonics
  • Competent partner for the network analysis on site
  • Evaluation of the network analysis, dimensioning of the individual absorption circuits, production, supply and commissioning lies in one hand

Grid compensation

Similar to the motor compensation, there is also the opportunity to install a compensation system at central points in larger networks. These are individually dimensioned for the customer network. If there is a periodically varying idle power share in the network, a regulated plant with an idle current control unit will be installed. Through this, it is possible to react to different network situations with multi-stage plants. And here, we are also in a position to provide you with a complete system, starting from the network analysis, the dimensioning and up to the production and the commissioning on the site.